Specializing in building early-stage venture-backed companies, we work directly with founders and functional leaders to fill their highest priority roles with the highest-quality talent in tech.

In certain cases, we’ve been responsible for driving the majority of our client's headcount growth between funding rounds, enabling them to raise at multiples of their previous valuation.



  • CTO/VP Engineering + Engineering Leaders
  • VP Product Management + Product Managers
    VP Product Design + Product Designers
  • Software Engineers: infra, fullstack, UI, SRE, ML, mobile, blockchain

Non-technical talent

  • VP Sales + Sales Leaders
    Head of Talent Acquisition + Recruiters
    VP Marketing + Product Marketing
    ... and just about anything else an early-stage startup might want!

We've successfully placed many dozens of candidates from companies such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Netflix, Airbnb, Palantir, Uber, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and a long list of top startups.

our team

Alex camacho


Raul darvash


“I love these guys! They found us our best engineer within the first few candidates we interviewed.” 

Julius Von Uberstien

“I can't begin to tell you how killer Camacho is. Him and his team absolutely crush talent screening.” 

Rachel Stamos

“I’m working with these guys from now on!”

John Smith

“Top-notch job. Couldn’t have asked for better design and photography.

Phil Johnson